Robin Berzin, Founder and CEO of Parsley Health

Robin Berzin, Founder and CEO of Parsley Health

Name: Robin Berzin, M.D.

Location: New York City

Job: Founder and CEO of Parsley Health

Favorite Burnout Candle scent: Santal

Tell us a bit about Parsley Health…

Parsley Health is the only modern medical practice that takes a holistic approach by combining lifestyle, nutrition, and cutting-edge testing. Our members spend four hours with their doctors a year, compared with the average 20 minutes most people spend with their primary care physicians each year. This allows us to really get to know them and build a strong relationship, which research has shown improves health outcomes. On top of that, members get a health coach to support them in making lifestyle changes and get unlimited online messaging access to their doctor and health coach for anything that comes up between visits.

Give us a little insight into your day to day

Running a startup means my day is never the same. I may be in meetings with our teams, seeing patients, speaking at a conference or interviewing a candidate. No matter what my day ahead looks like, I like to start it by taking my 2 dogs for a walk, grabbing a double espresso on the way, and combining my trip to the dog park with a short meditation before I head home to get my son ready for pre-school.

Anything new you’re working on and especially excited to share with us?

We opened our very first flagship center in January in New York City and I’m so happy to have a space that reflects our brand end to end. The space is designed to make members feel better as soon as they walk through the doors, because we used an architectural method called biophilic design that infuses the healing aspects of nature into interiors.


You travel a lot for work, how do you keep on top of everything on the go

As much as napping on a plane sounds nice, I always make the most of my travel time. I think of my time in the air as time to catch up on emails and focus on key projects so when I touch down and I can literally hit the ground running.


Get quality sleep.

Sleep is so important to avoid burnout, but it’s not just about how much you’re sleeping—the quality of your sleep matters too. Quality sleep means your body cycles through all four stages of sleep at least five times. Research shows that our bodies repair the most between 10PM and 2AM, so for the best quality sleep, set a 10PM bedtime and stay consistent.

Take time for you.

I used to not prioritize self-care as much as I should, but as a mother, wife, and CEO, I’ve realized it’s even more important than ever to take time for myself so I don’t burn out. I’m all about a relaxing massage or infrared sauna session, both of which can help your body detox.

Practice monotasking.

We’ve been talking a lot about montasking around the office recently and it’s something that can be difficult to practice, but it’s so important for your brain health. Chronic multitasking can not only lead to reduced gray matter density, it also decreases your productivity. I’ve been trying to focus more on doing one thing at a time to be efficient and prevent feeling frazzled by the end of the day.