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Burnout Journal

The Burnout Journal profiles leaders in their fields on work, life, and key tips for avoiding Burnout.

Burnout Journal #3

Robin Berzin, Founder and CEO of Parsley Health

I used to not prioritize self-care as much as I should, but as a mother, wife, and CEO, I’ve realized it’s even more important than ever to take time for myself so I don’t burn out. 

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Burnout Journal #2

Vinny Pujji, VC Investor at Insight Venture Partners

I'm always on the road, meeting interesting founders and fellow investors. I split my time between meeting prospects and working with existing investments. I work...a lot.

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Burnout Journal #1

Tessa Wanders, CEO & Founder of HEY FRIDA

HEY FRIDA is a wellness and nutrition brand that creates delicious, functional products for people that want to feel energized and satisfied, while avoiding carbs.

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